1991.12.13 – The Limelight, New York, USA

Date: 13th December 1991
Event: Heaven on Techno Earth
Venue: Limelight
City: New York
Country: USA


Extra info:
From Martin Roach’s book “Electronic Punks”:
The Limelight Club in New York was a far cry from The Barn in Braintree. It was an converted old Church complete with original stained glass windows and ecclesiastical decor, mixed with the Big Apple’s very own style of underground night life. Romms off the main areas were set aside for various activities, and every walk of life was weelcomed and at home, including transvestites, gays, transexuals, lesbains, heterosexuals, bondage lovers, MPs, all of every race and creed. Go-go dancers scantily clad in skimpy underwear cavorted in cages on raised pedestals as human sideshows, whilst men wearing suits, jackets and ties with stilettos, suspenders and stockings talked idly below, fiddling with their innumerable body pierces. Liberality was the order of the day and the general atmosphere was one of “anything goes”.
It was here that The Prodig came for a show whilst on a short trip to flm the video for their third single “Everybody In The Place”. THe day before the actual Limelight show the band were offered free tickets to Guns N’Roses at Madison Square Gardes and a private and exclusive party launching Prince’s Diamonds and Pearls album, but with indifference that would be regretted within hours, they declined, saying they were too tired. Thankfully things got a little more lively once they were at the Limelight – the gig was well-recived, even thought the act and their music were relatively unknown in America. After the show, Maxim took a particular shine to one of the many high percentage cocktails on offer, and proceeded to get mind-numbingly drunk on glasses of “Sex On The Beach”, slumped against the bar, drinking through a three-foot straw. When Mike came over to see how he was, Maxim was just ordering yet another drink from the heavily made-up and rather hefty barmaid, who unbeknown to the MC was in fact a six-foot Texan man. Mike, who was perhaps a little more in control of his faculties, watched in horror as Maxim took the frink from the barmaid, pasued, tilted his head to one side and said: “You’ve got might large wrists for a woman”.


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