2018.11.02 – SEC Centre, Glasgow, Scotland

Date: 2nd November 2018
Event: The Prodigy Concert – No Tourists Tour
Venue: SEC Centre
City: Glasgow
Country: Scotland
Support: DJ Ryz, Bad Company UK

1. Breathe
2. Light Up The Sky
3. Nasty
4. Omen
5. Firestarter
6. Champions Of London
7. Voodoo People
8. The Day Is My Enemy
9. The Day Is My Enemy (Bad Company UK Remix)
10. Everybody In The Place
11. Need Some1
12. Roadblox
13. Run With The Wolves
14. Wild Frontier
15. No Good (Start The Dance)
16. Smack My Bitch Up
17. We Live Forever
18. Their Law
19. Take Me To The Hospital

Extra info:
Premiere performance of Champions Of London and We Live Forever.

Review by Brian Anderson, www.glasgoweyesmagazine.com
All eyes on the legendary Prodigy as they kick off massive arena tour in Glasgow .
Seems like a lifetime ago that keyboardist and songwriter Liam Howlett met Keith Flint at a party in 1989 in Essex England.
Not long after the famous meet Flint and Howlett were joined by vocalist MC Maxim and also a female dancer and singer called Sharky who was a very good friend of Keith Flint, the first line up and the Legend of the Prodigy was born.
They release their debut studio album Experience 1992 which was loved by the ravers and clubbers of the day.
The big time was beckoning in 1997 with the next album release called Fat Of The Land, with the mega monster smash single and worldwide hit Firestarter which now fused punk, with a new Keith Flint emerging with a Johnny Rotten-esque vibe with huge beats and dance, the Prodigy went on to headline Glastonbury that year and go on to sell millions of records and go on to receive many awards and accolades.
On Friday night Glasgow and the Secc the Prodigy kick off their seventh album No Tourists which was the opener on the new tour. Keith Flint, Maxim and Howlett were tearing the roof off the sellout crowd.
The lads powered their way through the 19 setlist, explosive and aggressive as any you would expect from raves royalty. It was intoxicating and the atmosphere euphoric, the Glasgow crowd went nuts for every beat, through the new songs and the classic Prodigy hits of the 90s.
The Prodigy remain one of the most amazing and energetic live acts of all time.

Review by Jessie Wilson, www.themodernrecord.com:
Glorious chaos ensued at the SEC as The Prodigy assembled their Scottish Warriors to kick off their UK tour.
Twenty-one years after the release of the ground-breaking, genre-busting album ‘Fat of the Land’, The Prodigy continue to bare their title as one of the UK’s greatest live bands with fierce authority.
The Essex three-piece kicked off their tour on the back of the release of their latest album, ‘No Tourists’ – a monster of an album, spawning from some of the most ferocious sonic elements of the bands twenty-eight-year career.
The Prodigy’s monumentally menacing new album sees the two vocalists, MC Maxim and Keith Flint, take more of a back seat to the musicality of songwriter and keyboardist Liam Howlett. This fortunately was not, and has never, been true of their live gigs.
The energy never dwindled as the band charged through an immaculate catalogue of their most raucous fire-starting crowd-pleasers, peppered with some of the most aggressive tracks from their new album. From the first ominous twangs in the opening riff of Breathe to the frightening urgency of the vocals in Take Me to the Hospital, the two frontmen held the crowd in their tensed fists. Tumultuous waves of moshers were orchestrated by Maxim as Flint called all his “Scottish warriors” to arms.
The sublime chaos that is a Prodigy gig was performed on a deranged dystopian backdrop of three London buses that loomed over the crowd like ghostly tower-blocks. Radiating from them was a visceral desire for movement, for the crowd to reach some sort of transcendent destination. In the destination sign of the centre bus was written ‘Four Acres, Dalston Lane, Hackney,’ – the venue they first played together.
The Prodigy are in no way going back, though. The allusion to the band’s roots only emphasises the bands progression to big-beat supremacy. After twenty-one years on the frontlines of dance music The Prodigy show no sign of slowing down, never mind stopping. But as the masses of ardent Scottish “warriors” confirmed on Friday night, it’s worth jumping on for the ride.







Photos from the show:

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