1992.10.03 – Holocaust, Dalleagles Farm, New Cumnock, Scotland

Date: 3rd October 1992
Event: Holocaust
Venue: Dalleagles Farm
City: New Cumnock
Country: Scotland


Extra info:
Review by Fastbuck:
In the late summer of 92 ,just shortly after I attended the brilliant Earthquaker event at Dalleagles, flyers were soon to appear for a new promoter holding there debut event at the same location. North east promoters “Starstates” looked set to appear on the Scottish scene with a bang. Huge glossy poster sized flyers would seem to be everywhere. A massive flyer with
an equally massive line up of PA’s, DJ’s and other attractions all for a paltry 23 quid! The event was Holocaust….the final earthquake, clearly a play on words linking it to DEA’s  Earthquaker event.
On the night of the event me and my mates decided to catch the train to Glasgow where we could then make use of the free coaches to the event, as promised on the flyer. After the short train journey from Airdrie we were soon at Glasgow. The coaches were leaving from George Square right next door to the train station. As we made our way out of the station we could see a healthy crowd of around 1000 or so ravers in the square. We made our way to the back of the queue shortly before the first of the coaches were due to arrive. At around 6 the first of the “coaches” would arrive…shit ..it was a mini coach….by this time the police were in attendance trying to keep the crowd in order …well, have you ever seen 1000 ravers trying to get into a
mini coach? The old bill then told the waiting crowd that this was the only coach there was, but he would be driving back and forth to the event till 12.As the event was over 40 miles away me an my friends decided to get two cab’s to the event! As the cab’s made their way out of Glasgow’s south side towards Ayrshire you could see huge billboard’s on the side of buildings
advertising this event, which seem to add to our buzz. After what seemed like  no time at all the cab driver turned to me and my mates and growled “right boys I’ll have to drop you’se here”, it must have been half a mile or so to the event and the roads were at a stand still. We quickly jumped from the cab to walk the final part of our journey!
At last we were now at the event, you could tell by the traffic alone this was clearly bigger than the Earthquaker event. Despite the huge queue’s we seemed to pass by the security checks in no time at all and were making our way into the event. It had been raining most of the day prior to the event and as such the field was already very muddy, however when we entered the “big top” thing weren’t just as bad as this area had some some sort of matting had been put down so mud was not a problem in here, however due to the conditions outside we never checked out any of the other smaller marquees so can’t comment about these!
The first thing we noticed about the main arena was the size! They say size isn’t everything but this big top seemed pretty small, after all this event had a scheduled capacity of 20,000 and already at this early stage of the evening was packed. A banging sound system was in place, though the stage was pretty basic looking with no sign of the massive video wall plus a lot of
other attractions which were listed on the flyer!
The atmosphere in the main arena seemed to be red hot all night and no wonder as the sounds in the arena were top notch all with brilliant pa’s from the likes of Shades of Rhythm, N-Joi and Q-Tex who brought the house down with there pa which included classic hardcore from the Equazion ep. Despite all this though we were a bit pissed off due to the fact a lot (if not all) of the big name DJ’s seemed to be missing, apparently the promoters had put out a second edition flyer with another DJ line up which also included Dave Angel, Keith Suckling and Marc Smith, however I can only recall hearing set’s from Marc Smith and Doc Scott along side the MC Magika who seemed to be doing a brilliant job of hyping the massive crowd all night long.
The time by now must have been approaching 4am and the drugs along side the  paranoia were really kicking in!!! Indeed I could have swore I saw Keith Harris and Orville the duck doing a pa, though I was told at a later date this did happen!! All of a sudden the atmosphere seemed to change! The marquee was still packed but there now seemed to be a lot of guys in the crowd with alcohol and small pockets of violence seemed to be breaking out. It was at  this time I decided to take a break from the main arena despite the Bassheads just starting their PA.
While out of the marquee by the fairground I met a few old friends who told us they got in without a ticket by slipping the security manning the perimeter fences a tenner, this probably explains the amount of arseholes in the event with alcohol!! After a break of an hour  or so I decided to make my way back into the main arena, after all I didn’t want to miss pa’s from the Prodigy or SL2. as I’d never seen either of them live before, however next was a pa from local outfit Suburban Delay, as usual it was a top pa from them, however after their set no more pa’s would be on.
As six o’clock came round the crowd would be in for another massive surprise, and a rather nasty one at that! Yes to round off the evenings entertainment the old bill would now take to the stage to tell the massive crowd that due to outbreaks of violence etc the event would now end an hour early, which as you can guess didn’t go down to well with the thousands of
ravers, resulting in them rushing the stage and even more outbreaks of violence!
By now we had managed to blag a ride home on one of the coaches going in our direction, and to be honest I was glad the event was over…despite all the missing dj’s, pa’s, attractions and the violence (first and only time I’d ever seen this at a rave) this was still one of the best events I’d ever been to, but the violence in a marquee which is far to small when your off yer nut isn’t a pleasant experience. After this event the promoters Starstates would now disappear from the scene without holding any more events.



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  • David

    One of the best nights of my life. I can only remember seeing Shades of Rhythm who nearly brought the tent down. The closest thing to violence I seen was in the massive queue for the cloakroom after the music stopped. I got split up from my girlfriend. When I eventually found her, we had missed our bus back to Edinburgh lol

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