1993.12.27 – Xmas Dance ’93, Point Depot, Dublin, Ireland

Date: 27th December 1993
Event: Xmas Dance ’93
Venue: Point Depot
City: Dublin
Country: Ireland


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5 comments to 1993.12.27 – Xmas Dance ’93, Point Depot, Dublin, Ireland

  • Tom

    Is there any footage of this concert ??

  • Barry

    What a great night!! RIP Keith

  • John O'R

    I remember this gig so well, I was only 19 (I am 46 now !!!). The stage was circular and in the centre of the room and the atmosphere was electric.

  • Gav P

    I made it up onto the stage to dance (mini stage invasion if you remember very late on in the gig, during the Sound Crowd DJ set) for about 30 seconds before I was chased off by a security guard.
    Closest I ever got to sharing a stage with Keith Flint.
    A tracklist for this gig is like golddust, I remember the 155 version of Everybody In The Place and One Love towards the end but I’ve a mate who swears there was an early version of No Good during it.

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