1993.08.14 – Z Rezerection, Royal Highland Exhibition Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland

Date: 14th August 1993
Event: Z Rezerection
Venue: Royal Highland Showground
City: Edinburgh
Country: Scotland


Extra info:
Rezerection was attended by 12,000 people, but due to very strict regulating by the environmental health department, the event was marred by a low sound level.  This was the event at which the Prodigy walked off stage because the sound levels made their set sound absolutely ridiculous.  Staged at the Royal Highland Showground in Edinburgh, which is situated right next to Edinburgh airport,  you would think that Rezerection would have had no trouble with sound levels.  But the airport was not 24 hour and normally closed by eleven o’clock except for emergencies.  The main problem they had was with an elderly gentlemen who lived nearby, who complained to the local authority.  Rezerection offered to send him away on expensive holidays whenever they staged their events, to buy his house, to move him, and countless other incentives.  But with a knick knack paddy whack give a dog a bone, this old man stayed right at home.




Can of soup made to promote Rezerection event:

 Special announcement by The Prodigy in One Love single:

Open letter from Midi Management that apeeared on Ravescene Magazine, #42:

Photos from the show:

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