1993.01.23 – Rave New World, Bomb Factory, Dallas, USA

Date: 23rd January 1993
Event: Rave New World
Venue: Bomb Factory
City: Dallas
Country: USA

Your Love

Extra info:
Story by Leeroy Thornhill:
It’s the early 90s our first tour of the USA with Moby, Ritchie Hawtin, and John Acquaviva.
We arrive in Dallas and after dropping off the other acts at half decent hotels, we get shipped off to the Hiltop hotel in the old part of the Dallas. This used to be the swanky Hilton back in the 60s n 70s, now it’s old and miles from the new city centre, they decided to remove the N and replace it with a P.
We check in and there is this old lady who has owned the place forever.
We get our keys and head off to our rooms on different floors. We meet downstairs in 15 to go get some food in the Dennys Diner next door. The waitress comes over and to take our orders hears our accents and says “Y’alls ain’t from round here is ye”
“No we’re from the U.K. We’re a band”
“Oh what kind of music do you play?”
“Electronic, sort of techno”
“Oh I don’t know that, I only listen to 2 kinds of music Christian and Country.”
“Ahhhh you wont get it then”
So we head back to the hotel and see there are only 5 lights on in the whole building. Our rooms. So when we get back in we decide to have a look around it was like the movie The shinning no lights anywhere, scary lift music, weird as.
And then we find the penthouse. The Bob Hope sweet, with double wooden doors. Deluxe.
So we go down and ask the old lady if we can take a look, she’s buzzing and tells us Bob actually used to stay there.and gives us the sacred key. It had a 3inch deep shag pile carpet and a tv the size of a garage it must have been nearly a 40inch screen. Classic Hawaiian style furniture. It was like going back in time. The next morning 2 of the guys go down for breakfast they sit there with the menus. Finally the old lady comes over and says are you ready to order the guys both say yes and she proceeds to tell them exactly what they are going to order. Turns round and leaves them with their jaws dropping. Spookiest hotel ever.


Entrance pass:


Photos from the show:

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