1994.10.22 – Barrowlands, Glasgow, Scotland

Date: 22nd October 1994
Event: The Prodigy Concert – The Jilted Generation Tour
Venue: Barrowlands
City: Glasgow
Country: Scotland


Extra info:
Review by Carmen Rosenberg, The Herald Scotland:
Transfixed by the lights and the euphoric atmosphere, the audience think they’re in for a night of non-stop techno, facing an unyielding wall of repetitive beats.
But the afore-mentioned inserts created essential chill breaks in The Prodigy set.
The general consensus is that they have become slower and more ambient and many feel that they are losing their fast-beat dance origins. This appears to be true, but what has been created by doing this is a more mature Prodigy; one which has realised the potential dangers of unceasing noise in the kind of environment that is coupled with the dance culture. The Prodigy have grown, and they want their fans to grow with them.
Rather than be motionless idols on a stage which many bands of this ilk are wont, the Prodigy are interactive. Past experiences have taught them how to communicate and move with the audience, while simultaneously aiding the transportation of their minds.
The whole event had a feeling of liberation but all the while there was the underlying knowledge of the threat of the Criminal Justice Bill, which could destabilise the future of such happenings.
It has been reported recently that the band say they don’t read anything into their own music because it is unnecessary. They believe their fans come to see them to dance, have a good time, and get into the music. This shows great insight on their part as the so-called ”Prodigy Equipment” do just that.





Advert from The List, 21st October 1994:

Review from The List, 1st November 1994:

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