1995.12.09 – T Festival, Skopje, Macedonia

Date: 9th December 1995
Event: T Festival
Venue: Skopje Fair Centre
City: Skopje
Country: Macedonia
Support: see lineup

1. The Trick Intro
2. Break and Enter
3. Fire (Sunrise Version)
4. G-Force (Link)
5. Rhythm Of Life
6. Poison
7. Funky Shit
8. Weather Experience
9. Their Law
10. Jericho
11. Rock’n’roll
12. Firestarter
13. Voodoo People
14. Religion Link (Trance U Down Mix)
15. Molotov Bitch
16. No Good (Start The Dance)
17. Goodbye Rap
18. Gabba

Extra info:
The Prodigy
Dog Eat Dog
Renegade Soundwave
Liquid Limbs
Gold Blade


Press (Trotoar photo session):

Photos from the show:

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