1995.11.25 – Sports Palace, Bucharest, Romania

Date: 25th November 1995
Event: The Prodigy Concert
Venue: Sports Palace
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania
Support: DJ Dave Grass, DJ Nick Leman

1. The Trick Intro
2. Break and Enter
3. Fire (Sunrise Version)
4. G-Force (Link)
5. Rhythm Of Life
6. Poison
7. Funky Shit
8. Weather Experience
9. Their Law
10. Jericho
11. Rock’n’roll
12. Firestarter
13. Voodoo People
14. Religion Link (Trance U Down Mix)
15. Molotov Bitch
16. No Good (Start The Dance)
17. Goodbye Rap
18. Gabba

Extra info:
Review by minaton:
For my 19th birthday (17/11/1995) i got myself a really nice gift: a ticket to see The Prodigy, my fav band. On 25 November I went with my mates to the Sports Palace (Sala Polivalenta) at 6 pm. Just in time to see the soundcheck. Liam played some beats and a few mins of ‘Voodoo people’ while Maxim and Jim Davies were chatting with a romanian promoter guy. No Keith at all.
Finished the soundcheck, came on stage DJ Dave Grass from London, and then DJ Nick Leman. After 4 hours of rave & trance & hardcore finally lights off, and the Prodigy’s sound engineer came on stage: Do you want it Romania? Ladies and gentelmen, from London England, THE PRODIGY !!!! The crowd went crazy, everybody was screaming and pushing and I was in the front row, trying to resist to their pressure. Liam came on stage first, behind the keyboards, playing ‘The Trick Intro’ and then kicked into Break & Enter. Maxim came on stage jumping around and I saw ‘a big plastic ball’ with ‘some guy’ in it. Oh my god…! That’s Keith! That’s Keith Flint man! (me screaming in my mate’s ear) I didn’t recognize him because of his ‘new’ hair-style ( his well known hair-style these days). He was jumping on the stage like a psycho stooting at the crown.
After Break & Enter, guess what: Fire. Yesss ! One of my fav tracks. Leeroy came on stage dancing and moving his legs like a rhythm machine. He is the best dancer in the world! With a Music Reach link Liam kicked into Rhythm of Life. Keith came back on stage with his WEIRDO T-shirt. Pretty funny enough 🙂 Next was Poison and then a brand new track for all of us: Funky Shit. Leeroy again on stage doing his job like nobody else can. The well known Weather Experience intro link, lead into Their Law the greatest Prodigy live track ever! Everybody was jumping and pushing and I couldn’t breathe, but it was too cool to leave the front row. Too bad Jim Davies was not at his highest levels. He kinda disspointed me that gig. Dunno.. Another old track, Jericho (didn’t know how good is live by the way) then Rock and Roll . Keith picked up a mic and a new track was played by Liam. ‘What the hell is he doing with that mic? Keith Flint? he supose to be a dancer!’ asking myself like everybody else, stearing at Keith on stage playing ‘I’m the bitch you hated, twist infatuated.. I’m the Firestarter, punkin’ instigator!’. That’s what I call a full of surprises Keith: new hairstyle, new song by him! Really rocky ! Maxim back on stage with Lerroy and first notes of Voodoo People. Jeez, I used to love Leeroy’s dancing style! Before Molotov bitch it was a short track, unknown for me at that time, I found later it was th Front 242 single Religion (The Prodigy Trance U Down Mix). Leeroy and Keith back on stage for No good (Start the dance). Thank you – good night, and they left the stage while the crowd was shouting: PRODIGY – PRODIGY. The last song was the crazyest ever: Gabba.



Backstage pass (thanks to Jim Davies @jimdaviesmusic)

Photos from the show:

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