1995.07.14 – The Trocadero Transfer, San Francisco, USA

Date: 14th July 1995
Event: The Prodigy Concert
Venue: The Trocadero Transfer
City: San Francisco
Country: USA
Support: DJ Timmi Hendrix


Extra info:
Review by DJ Timmi Hendrix:
Ok, briefly I can tell, I was over there with 2 English friends, I have DJed since 91 (I’m 47), I was the only DJ in SF playing anything other than slow happy house (all SF DJs were tye dye hippies). I don’t think they toured experience there, this was to promote Jilted.. me and my two friends were making a name doing cool decor for raves and parties and I was doing well as a noisy techno/rave DJ, I was Bar back at the Troc so got offered the gig, it was sold out – 1,800-2,000 people. One of my favourite sets, met the guys before I started, they loved what I was playing, I played hard European techno and the crowd loved it too, shared a few joints with the boys upstairs (the green room/dj booth). DJs weren’t big here then so no name on the flyer unfortunately! I played 90mins while the boys drank and we smoked, then Liam got the signal to go on so I wound my set up to fever pitch and the crowd were going nuts.. they went on (a small) stage, bought their own Turbosound sound system from the UK, it was LOUD!!! Being Jilted music he crowd were a tiny bit hesitant at first but by the end of Break and Enter they were going mad:):) the gig was one of the sweatiest, loudest things I or the crowd had seen, people were going mental!! Leroy wasn’t there but Max, Liam, Keef and their guitarist were amazing! Last time Liam invited 10 people on stage to rave, about 100 got on the stage. He had played the whole album with the narcotic suite in the middle and as soon as he crowd was on stage they flew in to Poison:) the gig finished in joyous chaos and everyone left super blown away including me!! Liam and John (McFairs-tour manager) came up to me and offered me to go on the rest of the tour to DJ, I had work so said no… IDIOT!!! But stayed in touch… one of the best gigs of my life! The highlights were the pure energy, the sound was SO loud and the gig was perfect and I’ve never seen a crowd go so mad it was like a mosh pit:):) so afterwards Liam, Keith, Max, John and I went out – Liam was asking what there was to do so we went and got a huge meal in a late night steak house and then went back to their hotel and got wasted;) I said my farewells the next morning, Liam was asking and asking for me to go with them… again, IDIOT!! That’s about it :):)



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