1996.10.30 – MTV Fashionably Loud, Chelsea Market, New York, USA

Date: 30th October 1996
Event: MTV Fashionably Loud
Venue: Chelsea Market
City: New York
Country: USA
Support: n/a

1. Breathe
2. Funky Shit
3. Firestarter

Extra info:
Each artist performed three songs while models donningclothing by Versace for Tricky’s performance, Vivian Westwood for The Prodigy’s set, and Ana Molinari for REPUBICA’s songs prance aroundthe stage. The show was taped on 30th October 1996 and was broadcasted on 3rd February 1997.

Photos from the show:

2 comments to 1996.10.30 – MTV Fashionably Loud, Chelsea Market, New York, USA

  • Will

    I was there! was an amazing time!

  • Amber Tidwell

    I still remember watching this on MTV and absolutely falling in love with them! 😍 I promptly went to the store to buy the album only to learn it wasn’t yet released in the USA. I had to wait five more months for the release date and I was so excited to get their album!

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