1996.08.27 – Hangar 11, Tel Aviv, Isreal

Date: 27th August 1996
Event: The Prodigy Concert
Venue: Hangar 11
City: Tel Aviv
Country: Isreal
Support: Haseif Hatonaly

Smack My Bitch Up
Voodoo People
Their Law
The tracklist is incomplete. The correct order is unknown.

Extra info:
Notes by Pavel:
Still got the ticket, i remember the capacity of the place was about 200% it’s standard and the lame Dj that played before fed us with crappy club tunes. Night Train and stuff like that. And then there was some really crappy metal band that was called Haseif Hatonaly. Wow did they suck?
After this live gig i had ringing ears for a week. Nothing in Trance comes near this one.

Notes by haaretz.co.il (tranlated by Amit “Gnobal”):
The Prodigy’s show at Hangar 11 in the Tel-Aviv port in 96 was a disaster. The place was overpacked to a level of endangering lives. It was too hot and it seemed that the air was missing oxygen. The show started a few hours late and didn’t take off.



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