1996.05.01 – Tromsøhallen, Tromsø, Norway

Date: 1st May 1996
Event: The Prodigy Concert
Venue: Tromsøhallen
City: Tromsø
Country: Norway
Support: n/a

1. Voodoo People
2. The Trick Link
3. Breathe
4. Poison
5. Funky Shit
6. Weather Experience
7. Their Law
8. Skylined
9. It’s My Own Secret Technique Link
10. Firestarter
11. Mindfields
12. Rock’n’roll
13. No Good (Start The Dance)
14. Maxim’s Rap
15. Gabba

Extra info:
Review by angelfire.com:
This event was envisioned as a rave party where some of the local DJ’s would play, and the centerpiece would be British superstars The Prodigy. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out that way.
First, the very time-demanding process of squeezing 2500 kids through one little door saw to it that a lot of the punters didn’t even get into the hall before The Prodigy were on. Second, it was in a sports hall where attempts to turn it into a more exciting venue (with body-painted gallery dancers and the opportunity for the audience to be painted too, among other things) were half-heartedly done.
However, if I were to see it just as a Prodigy-concert, it was awesome!! I have no idea what it is, but the type of techno that Prodigy plays, has an incredible power to make you move. It is like the electronic equivalent of rock’n’roll, forcing the enormous crowd in Tromsohallen to jump like crazy in a half-dance, half-mosh. The band screamed “Do you like it hard?”, we answered “Yeah!”. And we got it.
I would even go as far as saying it transports you to another state of mind just by virtue of heavy beats and raw synths and guitars. Who needs ecstasy? We had all the great songs for the jilted generation, “Voodoo People”, “Poison” (my personal favorite), “Firestarter”, as well as a couple of new songs. One of them, “Dangerous”, even had its world premiere here above the Arctic Circle!
After “No Good (Start the Dance)”, where a couple of lucky teenagers got to help Maxim start the dance, it was all over and we stumbled out into the bright spring night, completely spent. And amazed at the energetic performance of our time’s greatest techno band.

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