1996.04.27 – Palacio de Congresos FIBES, Sevilla, Spain

Date: 27th April 1996
Event: The Prodigy Concert
Venue: Palacio de Congresos FIBES
City: Sevilla
Country: Spain
Support: see timetable


Extra info:
Ticket says the venue was Plaza de Armas but the event took place in Palacio de Congresos FIBES.

Sala 1 timetable:
11:00 Jason
12:00 Chema
01:00 Pellajo
01:45 Man
02:30 Mike
03:15 The Prodigy
04:45 Felipe Volumen
05:30 RUPe
06:15 Jose Mary
07:00 Jordy Slate
07:45 Dany
08:15 Julio

(Big thanks to Rafael Caracuel for the scans of poster and artist pass).



Artist pass:


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